Our Economy

Understanding one of the most dynamic innovation economies in the UK

The Oxford region is home to over 6,000 high-tech, knowledge-intensive companies who are at the forefront of UK and global research in areas such as regenerative medicine, robotics, autonomous vehicles and digital health, space and quantum computers. These companies employ over 52,000 people – that’s 14.3% of the total employed. The region is also home to four high-tech unicorn companies and it has the largest university venturing fund in the world.

The Oxford region is one of the UK’s strongest economies and a place where innovation is thriving. It contributes around £29 billion a year to national output and has the potential to boost the UK economy by up to £180 billion by 2030 through the transformative technologies developed here.

Advanced Oxford has researched the key facts and figures that define our innovation economy today.

The data above was researched by SQW for Advanced Oxford in 2018 to generate evidence on the scale of the knowledge-intensive activity within the Oxford region. The research was based on the most recent official datasets produced by the Office for National Statistics (ONS) and big data sources from Belmana with supplementary information from Dynamic Cities Index (Savills, 2018) and Oxfordshire Transformative Technologies Alliance: Science & Innovation Audit (2017).