UK First as Brill Power Brings Sustainable Battery Technology to 18th Century Victorian Mansion

Brill Power, a battery technology company originating from Oxford University, has successfully installed its pioneering battery management system at Bronllys Hall – a renowned historic building in Wales.

In their pursuit of ambitious sustainability targets and the establishment of a new industry benchmark across the events sector, the team at Bronllys Hall partnered with Brill Power to implement their proprietary technology.

Brill Power‘s battery management system offers substantial environmental advantages and promotes sustainability by extending the lifespan of the building’s battery supply by as much as 60% and amplifying the usable energy from ageing battery cells by up to 46%. The battery system can be charged from multiple renewable energy sources as well as the grid, and its stored energy can be discharged to power various loads throughout the estate.






What impressed us the most about Brill Power’s technology was how perfectly it aligned with our goal of creating a fully sustainable historical building. Their solution not only solved the issue of limited battery lifespan but is scalable in the future for batteries of different types, powered by different energy sources. This scalability provides us with abundant options for the future, further reinforcing our commitment to sustainability.” – Doug Hughes, Principal Architect and Managing Director of Hughes Architects (appointed by Bronllys Hall)

This project provides new hope for owners and developers of larger-scale historical buildings given the UK Government’s Energy Efficiency Standards that came into force on April 1st, requiring all commercial buildings to be rated a minimum of Grade C by 2027 and Grade B by 2030.

For more information about Brill Power and the Bronllys Hall project please click here.





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