What we do

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Advanced Oxford is research-led, providing insight, analysis and a united voice for our members on the key issues affecting the development of the innovation ecosystem in the Oxford region.

We generate our own research and work to support and inform key stakeholders involved in the development of the business environment, infrastructure and policy.

Our areas of focus

 Advanced Oxford is working to support the long-term development and success of the Oxford region as a place to live and work. We do this by drawing on our collective experience of setting up, running or working in knowledge-based, innovation-focused businesses and organisations. We use our connections to other businesses to generate evidence and undertake research.

Collectively, we can share our knowledge and experience on the issues that matter; this will shape and drive our priorities and activities. We are inclusive in our desire to work across regional boundaries, with organisations in the public, private and third sectors, at local, regional and national level.

Skills & education

Advanced Oxford will work with key educational partners to find ways to support our young people to have the aspiration, skills and opportunities to pursue a career in science and tech within the region. We also want to ensure that we build the right networks, collaborations and partnerships so that we can attract and retain the best people, with the right skills, to work within our innovation sector.

Housing delivery & affordability

Through research, Advanced Oxford will build a picture of the long-term housing needs and wants of people working in our region’s growing innovation economy and communicate these to the planners and policy-makers who can orchestrate change and development.

Quality of Life

Advanced Oxford is equally interested in the lived experience for the people who work in, or are impacted by, the innovation ecosystem across the Oxford region. We will work with relevant organisations to express the need for growth and development to be balanced against the equally important need for green spaces, fresh air and cultural enrichment in our region.

Research infrastructure & commercial spaces

Advanced Oxford will seek continued support for the elements that underpin the region’s scientific assets: a world class research base and suitable spaces for all knowledge-intensive businesses, whether they are a small start-up or a global corporation.

Innovation ecosystem & business environment for enterprise

As well as physical spaces, businesses of all sizes need a business environment that is stable and supportive for growth. Through our research, we will ensure that the needs of innovative businesses are articulated to provide a clear understanding of barriers and opportunities, in order to create an environment that supports the start-up, growth and retention of innovative businesses in the region.

Policy development & support

Advanced Oxford will support Oxfordshire’s local authorities and public bodies in their development of policy and plans by providing a clear, cogent and dispassionate voice, reflecting the needs of the people who work for the region’s knowledge-intensive businesses. The Oxford Stategic Partnership is currently running a series of seminars on Inclusion, see here for more information.

The future of transport

Our region’s leading-edge status needs to be supported by an effective transport system for the Oxford region.

Advanced Oxford will contribute to the debate around transport and accessibility, working with policy makers and transport providers to ensure that their work is informed by the needs to the region’s innovation economy.

Investment environment for growth

We need an investment environment that supports the ambition to be a globally competitive innovation environment that supports companies to start, grow and locate within the Oxford region. We will look at the factors that affect investment in our region and how the investment landscape can be developed and improved.

Equality and Diversity

We have an active interest in equality and diversity within the workplace, particularly in leadership.  Our current focus relates to gender diversity.

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Working with others

Oxfordshire Inclusive Economy Partnership

Oxfordshire, despite its perceived affluence, global position and role as 1 of only 3 regions that contributes a surplus to the UK economy, is home to significant inequalities. 17 of 61 wards in Oxfordshire are the most deprived in England, with Northfield Brook in the 10% most deprived. The city of Oxford is the second most unequal place in the UK, in terms of income, housing affordability and life expectancy.  Education attainment is below average affecting all generations. These problems extend beyond the city and exist across the whole of Oxfordshire.

The Oxfordshire Inclusive Economy Partnership brings together over a hundred organisations – employers, business, education, community groups and local government – this county-wide group is working to share knowledge, expertise and resources to address some of our greatest challenges.

The Oxfordshire Inclusive Economy Partnership is working together to create a more equal and sustainable region that creates opportunities and benefits for all people within the county.  The Partnership is working to tackle some of our region’s biggest problems to create a fairer environment where everyone can contribute and share in our success.

Advanced Oxford is a member of the steering group for the Oxfordshire Inclusive Economy Partnership, represented by our Managing Director, Sarah Haywood.

Find out more: Oxfordshire Inclusive Economy Partnership

Oxford City Council Economic Growth Steering Board

Advanced Oxford is represented on Oxford City Council’s Economiuc Growth Steering Board.

OxLEP Business Sounding Board

Oxfordshire Local Enterprise Partnership (OxLEP) has been reviewing their arrangements for engaging with business on policy and investment issues.  Advanced Oxford was previously represented within OxLEP’s Innovation Group by Barbara Ghinelli (STFC and Harwell Campus), Jane Galsworthy (Oxford Innovation) and Sarah Haywood.  The Innovation Group, and other business groups providing advice to the LEP are now being replaced by a Business Sounding Board.  Barbara, Jane and Sarah will now represent Advanced Oxford within this sounding board.


Advanced Oxford is a member of Social Enterprise UK and is committed to paying the Oxford Living Wage to all people who work for Advanced Oxford.


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