Green Economy Skills Workshop – 15th June (12.30 – 2pm)

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In November 2020 the Government announced a ten-point Green Industrial Strategy that places building a more sustainable economy at the heart of the business development and environmental agenda.

It signals a clear intention that the UK wants to be a world-leader in an array of clean technologies. This is only the start of a series of initiatives to eradicate the UK’s contribution to climate change by 2050. Oxfordshire is at the forefront of innovation in these industries.  It is estimated that by 2050, 15,444 jobs in the low-carbon and renewable energy sector will be required in Oxfordshire.

How can we ensure that Oxfordshire has the skills available to power up the green economy?

Following the recommendations from Advanced Oxford’s report on Powering up for the Green Recovery, we invite you to join our upcoming workshop that will, in particular, discuss how “engineering and software engineering/development skills need to be bolstered across the region”.

Our research found that:

  • Nearly nine in ten companies (88%) agree or strongly agree that Government’s focus on the green recovery is an opportunity for them.

  • Hiring to meet anticipated demand will see head count rise across innovation-based companies, with all companies projecting growth in the next three years, ranging from 10%-500% growth.

  • Investment (80%), access to skilled employees (50%) and grant funding (50%) are quoted as vital growth enablers.


Discussions will explore how partnerships between businesses, Oxford’s two universities and other training providers can increase the supply of these skills.


Senior Directors from both universities and training provider Oxford Advanced Skills (OAS) will be in attendance.  The workshop provides the opportunity for these providers of education and skills to hear what skills needs employers want.

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