Introducing Infleqtion’s New CEO

Infleqtion have announced the appointment of their new CEO, Matthew Kinsella


Matthew Kinsella previously held the position of partner at Maverick Ventures, where he led investments in the technology industry. He has a deep understanding of Infleqtion, having served on the Board of Directors since 2018, and is committed to leading the company through its next phase of innovation and growth.

“I’m honoured to guide Infleqtion through our next pivotal phase. With our focus on clocks, RF, compute, and quantum-enabled AI software solutions, Infleqtion is ready to unlock the immense potential of quantum technology and transform industries.”- Matthew Kinsella



Recent Infleqtion milestones include:

  • Global momentum: Their neutral atom platform was selected for key programs in Japan and the UK, leading quantum innovation across multiple global initiatives.
  • Quantum breakthroughs: Infleqtion has achieved significant advancements in gate fidelity, qubit scaling, and error correction, paving the way for fault-tolerant quantum computing.
  • New product launches: Infleqtion’s groundbreaking Oqtant quantum matter service provides groundbreaking access to quantum matter for those working on next-generation quantum applications.

For more on Infleqtion, please visit their website here.



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