Said Business School MBA internships

Would you like to offer an internship to a Said Business School MBA student this summer?  Submit your project proposal by 25th March, 2022

Each summer MBA students from Said Business School (SBS), University of Oxford, undertake internships.  These placements in a business, charity or social enterprise provide a discrete project for the intern to work on, with clear objectives and regular check-in points with the project sponsor. Projects related to strategy, market entry, business development, marketing and operations are well typically well-received by MBAs.  Do you have a project that you never quite get around to?  Do you need to create a plan for an area of work that you need to undertake, but haven’t found time for yet?


If you are interested in offering an internship through Said Business School’s programme, your project must –

  • Run for a minimum of 6 weeks (can be longer)
  • Start between the 4th and 18th July
  • Be full-time (but can be remote)
  • Be MBA – level work (i.e. interacting with senior leadership and/or clients and undertaking substantive work)
Financial support available for small, young companies; social enterprises; charities etc.

MBA Interns are usually paid by the employing company, but Said Busines School does not want this to be a barrier to organisations that cannot afford to take on a student. NGOs, non-profits, social enterprises and startups* may qualify for the Service Corps bursary, a one-off payment of £1,000 to the MBA student if they undertake a qualifying internship at an organisation like yours.

*Typically the EIS qualifying criteria are used to determine if a business is a startup, ie fewer than 250 employees, less than 7 years old, and gross assets less than £15 million

Admin requirements

The administration is really simple – organisations taking an MBA student just need to supply a contract and a job description for the role/project. Your standard documents will suffice.


Said use an ‘open-hire’ process: MBA students choose to apply based on the project you are proposing using a CV and a covering letter (or using your standard recruitment processes).  Candidates will apply to you for your project and it will be the organisation’s role to sift any applications and interview candidates before making your final selection.

Next Steps

If you want to recruit an intern, is all SBS need is:

  • A link to your website (if you have one)
  • A job description setting out the role/project (on pdf or word doc)
  • A link or email address for MBAs to send their applications to
  • Contact details of the person managing the process (this won’t be made this available to the students if it is different to the email to send applications to)

You can submit all of these details via this form by the 25th March, at which point all of the opportunities will be shared with the MBAs looking for opportunities in summer 2022.





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