Milton Park shares results of its return to work survey

A survey of over 600 people working within Milton Park suggests that between now and September, up to 50% of the Park’s 9,000-strong community will return to work. This may be as staggered working or spread over a period of days.

Milton Park carried out survey work between 13 May and 22 May 2020, receiving over 600 responses from people who work in many different roles at the Park, including 57 business leaders.  The results highlight that many businesses are making changes to their workplace in order to support a return to work.

People’s greatest concerns on returning to work were, in order of their biggest worry:

  • The ability to socially distance in the workplace
  • Managing their domestic situation i.e. childcare or living with a vulnerable household or living with a keyworker
  • Their commute
  • Cleanliness of the workplace

Read more of the findings here Over 600 people give their views on returning to work at Milton Park

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