Green nano-technology company Nium relocates R&D to Milton Park

A nanotechnology climate-tech start-up eliminating emissions from ammonia production has relocated its headquarters to Milton Park


Following £2.3m of seed funding in 2023, Nium has taken up 7500 sq ft of research and development space at Milton Park, to capitalise on growth plans.  Founded in Spring 2022 at Carbon13, Cambridge, Nium’s solutions were developed over two years at the UK synchrotron facility at Harwell, Diamond Light Source.

“As an ambitious start-up, we need the space, infrastructure and collaborative environment if we are to scale effectively and deliver a positive impact on the planet. When looking at other estimates to complete a facility to test and scale our emission reducing nanotechnologies, we were originally looking at a 2026 completion, but it took just 7 months for us to set up our new basecamp at Milton Park – a real testament to the work of Tom and the MEPC team. We were attracted to the Park’s track record of supporting start-ups, thanks to its ability to move occupiers around to accommodate growth. That speed and nimble approach gives companies like Nium the flexibility and agility to scale, whilst benefitting from Oxfordshire’s world-class talent pool.” – Lewis Jenkins, CEO and co-founder at Nium

Nium joins an increasing number of companies at Milton Park who are focused in the green energy sector, including Tokamak Energy, which is advancing fusion technology, and Nexeon, which is optimising the use of lithium-ion batteries.

A Beauhurst analysis of Milton Park reveals its occupiers in the green energy sector raised £136 million in equity investment and were awarded £18.4 million in grants between 2013 and 2022.



For more information on Milton Park, please click here.

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