What did success for Oxfordshire’s innovation ecosystem look like in 2013?

Four measures of success were identified in the Oxfordshire Innovation Engine Report 2013



  • A positive contribution to the national economy of at least £1bn GVA at constant prices within 10 years.
  • Stronger and more productive relationships between Oxfordshire’s high-tech businesses, universities, and research institutions.
  • Substantially higher levels of private and public investment in Oxfordshire.
  • A perception of Oxfordshire, both internally and externally, as a place that is committed to sustainable growth and which reflects the scale and success of the high-tech community and its potential to generate local and national benefits, whilst also achieving global impact.


Advanced Oxford has now looked at whether these measures of success have been met, a decade on. On 6th June, Advanced Oxford will publish Oxfordshire’s Innovation Engine, 2023.  The report, produced in collaboration with the International Center for the Study of Research at Elsevier, will be published alongside a new innovation-focused dashboard of indicators, which can be used to understand and assess the innovation landscape across the Oxfordshire region.

A dedicated page will be accessible from the home page of this website with the report and dashboard from 6th June.



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