Spotlight on Spinouts

The Royal Academy of Engineering, working with Beahurst, published the Spotlight on Spinouts report in January, 2021.  The analysis from the Acadamy’s Enterprise Hub identifies University of Oxford as the leading UK university for spin outs, with 156 recorded since 2011, the start date within the report.  YASA (automotive) and Perspectum (life sciences/health) are identified as the largest, scaling spinouts and Oxford Nanopore is highlighted as the UK spinout to have raised the highest level of equity funding.

Unsurprisingly, companies from the ‘golden triangle’
of Oxford, Cambridge and London dominate the
population of UK spinouts.

The pharmaceuticals/biotech/life sciences sector has the greatest proportion of spin-outs from UK higher education institutions, reflecting the strength of biomedical faculties within the UK university base.

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