Powering up the green recovery: Oxfordshire's role in building a cleaner future

How Oxfordshire businesses are contributing to lowering the carbon and environmental footprint and how we ensure their success and growth

Climate change is one of the most pressing challenges of our time.

There are many Oxfordshire-based companies that are developing technology that will help in the transition to a low carbon, more sustainable economy. During 2020, Advanced Oxford has been undertaking research to examine the innovation-based low carbon and environmental goods and services sector within Oxfordshire – an area of activity that some refer to as clean-tech.  Below you will find the results of our work, including case studies, a report on the sector and our recommendations to drive a green focused economic recovery, with innovation-based companies at its heart. 

Key findings from our research

  • 88% of companies surveyed think that Government’s focus on the green recovery is an opportunity for them
  • The majority of pre-revenue companies expect to be revenue generating within one to two years
  • Hiring to meet anticipated demand will see head count rise across innovation-based companies, with all companies projecting growth in the next three years, ranging from 10% – 500% growth
  • 3 in 4 companies will need to raise more funds to fuel growth over the next three years
  • Investment (80%), access to skilled employees (50%) and grant funding (50%), are quoted as vital growth enablers.
  • Investment (60%), uncertain market (40%) and protecting IP (40%) are called out as key barriers to growth

Case Studies

Oxfordshire is home to a range of companies developing new research, technologies, products and services, all of which will contribute to a low carbon and cleaner future.  Read about the exciting work that is being undertaken by companies across the region and find out more about their plans for growth and how they are contributing to a vibrant innovation ecosystem.

Greencore Construction – building a cleaner future

Greencore Construction – building a cleaner future

Renovating historic buildings convinced Ian Pritchett of two fundamental truths about the future of his industry.  The natural materials used in the past are more environmentally friendly than modern alternatives and climate change is a very real threat to humanity....

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First Light Fusion – harnessing the power of nature

First Light Fusion – harnessing the power of nature

The pistol shrimp has fascinated biologists for many years for the way a click of its larger claw sends an air “bullet” through the sea to stun prey. The CEO and co-founder of First Light Fusion, Nicholas Hawker, was also impressed, but for a different reason. The...

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Low carbon and environment business directory

Advanced Oxford has undertaken work to map the industrial landscape of innovation-based companies working within the low carbon and environmental goods and services sector.  All of the companies have premises or are based  within Oxfordshire.  Information about the companies can be found in our business directory. 

Download the report

This report draws together our research and shines a spotlight on some of the exciting developments that are yet to reach the market – companies that are developing ground-breaking work to help solve the climate change emergency and address environmental challenges.  As well as highlighting the technology and capability within the region, we detail a range of opportunities for companies working to develop low carbon and sustainable goods and services, including opportunities to work with the NHS, our universities and other industries and how to engage with local policy makers.  Our report also examines what needs to be done to support growth and assesses the challenges faced by our innovative companies.

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