Transport plans for Oxford and its surrounding areas

Traffic filters at the top of the priority list

Oxfordshire County Council have an update on transport plans for Oxford and its surrounding areas, this includes their proposals for a workplace parking levy, traffic filters and expanded city centre zero emission zone. County and City Council officers have jointly had close to a hundred meetings with their partners across the county including local businesses, resident associations, schools, disability groups and hospitals.

A request from many of these groups was to phase the consultation and implementation of the three schemes. They have therefore decided to prioritise the traffic filters and are now proposing to introduce them as a trial next summer 2023. This will allow the Council to monitor the impact of the traffic filters on the ground, seek views on how they are working and make changes, if necessary, before any decision is made about whether to make them permanent or not.

Oxfordshire Council would like to hear your views before making a decision on introducing the trial traffic fillers. A consultation has begun and will end 3 October 2022. If approved by county council cabinet, they would expect the trial to start in the summer of 2023 and continue for a minimum of six months. Members of the public and stakeholders will be able to continue to give their views on the trial during this six-month period.

Please visit the website to find out more about the traffic filters and respond to the survey.

Local Transport and Connectivity Plan (LTCP) and Central Oxfordshire Travel Plan

The plan to introduce traffic filters is part of The Local Transport and Connectivity Plan (LTCP), which  sets out the County Council’s vision for developing a world leading, innovative and carbon neutral transport system with a focus on how people move safely and quickly around their communities, the city and the county. The LTCP was adopted by full council on 12 July 2022.

As part of the LTCP, the council is developing area travel plans that will outline how the LTCP vision and outcomes are delivered across the county. The Central Oxfordshire Travel Plan is the first of these travel plans that defines how the LTCP vision will be delivered in Oxford, Kidlington, Eynsham, Botley, Cumnor, Kennington and Wheatley. It is one of a number of area travel plans to be developed for the county.


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