Brill Power to supply advanced Battery Management Systems

Brill Power has entered into an agreement with Pretto SRL, to supply its BESA BP6X1 Battery Management+ System for Pretto SRL’s second life battery energy storage systems. The partnership will enable second life cells to be repurposed, reducing waste and ensuring a more sustainable and cost-effective source of energy storage.

Pretto SRL is a leader in commercial electric vehicle importing and distribution in Italy. By combining the environmentally responsible approach of utilising second life cells with cutting-edge BMS+ technology, the partnership aims to deliver a sustainable, reliable, and economically competitive energy storage solution.

“We are delighted to be supplying our BESA BP6X1 Battery Management+ System to Pretto SRL for use in their second life BESS products. Thanks to the integration of BrillCore and BrillOS technologies, BESA BP6X1 is well suited to second life storage systems where cells can have differing states of health even at the start of a systems life. We are confident that utilising our technology will enable Pretto SRL to bring to market a class leading second life BESS and look forward to working with them on this project.” – Christoph Birkl, Brill Power CEO

Key highlights of this collaboration include:

Sustainability: The project significantly contributes to reducing electronic waste by repurposing end-of-life EV batteries, thereby promoting environmental sustainability.
Cost-Effective Energy Storage: By re-qualifying and utilising second life cells, the collaboration offers a cost-effective solution for energy storage, lowering the overall cost of BESS units.
Advanced Battery Management: Brill Power proprietary BMS+ technology ensures optimal performance, prolonging the life of second life cells and enhancing the overall efficiency of the BESS.
Reliable Energy Solutions: The resulting BESS units offer reliable and sustainable energy storage options, catering to various applications, including renewable energy integration, grid support, and backup power.

For more information on this partnership or to enquire about Brill Power’s Battery Management+ System and the BESS products assembled with second life cells, please click here.

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